Apelah’s Housing Opportunities for Persons with HIV/AIDS (HOPWA) program cares for and supports people living with HIV/AIDS and their families. Our services are a part of the national HOPWA program under the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). As a part of that national program, we want to help individuals and families reach stable housing, reduce their risks of becoming homeless, and improve their access to healthcare and other support. Apelah provides clients with our own homemaker services and coordinates any other services they need. Through Apelah’s HOPWA program, you can access:

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• Housing Support

• Homemaker Services

• Transportation Assistance

• Mental Health Support

• HIV/AIDS Medical Treatment

• Employment Assistance

• Advocacy

• Care Coordination for further services

Whatever your needs, Apelah will reach out and connect you with the right person. We understand that the challenges each person faces may be varied and equally difficult - we want to address them all. At Apelah, we will help you create a network of care to help you get back on your feet.

Apelah serves HOPWA clients in DeSoto County

Not sure what homemaker services are? Check out our In-Home Care Page

Take a look at our flyer and give us a call at 662-429-3652.