Independence and Freedom

Sign saying “Independence.”

Independence and freedom are important topics to think about during July as we contemplate our great nation’s history. Many of our fellow Americans, including the brave men and women who serve in our military, have made great sacrifices to ensure that we all have freedom and independence. Their sacrifice can be felt by many as we celebrate our independence by honoring them and participating in activities that commemorate all they have endured.

The Veterans Administration Hospitals offer programs that help elderly and disabled veterans maintain stability by contracting with programs which supply aids and attendants based upon clinical need.  These aids and attendants offer skilled services in way of supportive assistance to insure that disabled veterans are able to meet their needs in their natural environment. Skilled attendants are not nurses but are supervised by nurses and are well trained in identifying issues that require immediate attention.  Attendants support veterans of all types including isolated veterans or ones who have caregivers needing relief.

Apelah’s mission is to provide supportive services to disabled and elderly vets by helping find peace of mind in knowing that they will be supported in their desire to maintain their independence.  Individuals under our care, are able to understand that they will always be treated with respect to their personal desires to live independently. Family caregivers may also find support in knowing that they are able to take a break from care by  

Our personalized care model provides support for loved ones in their natural environment while producing social and emotional connections to others.  Our staff provides services such as meal prep, ambulation support, medication reminders, assistance in bathing and dressing, and light housekeeping. Services such as these provide the freedom to have a peace of mind knowing that individuals are able to keep their independence while living in the comfort of their own home.  For more information, contact McCaa Russum at 662-429-3652.