Mississippi children in state foster care need medical support & psychological peace.  By providing the keys to success, Apelah ensures every child in their care has a place of refuge and healing.

At an Apelah Specialized Foster Care home, children receive more than the necessary medical or behavioral treatment.  

Every day they are exposed to basic human warmth and affection, allowing them to grow strong through experiences that most people take for granted. 

Training is also a key to the success of a placement in the modern foster home.  Apelah provides support and instruction to foster parents from trained professionals.  Our staff is always available to answer questions and to respond immediately to any concerns from the foster family or children.  

Our program features 

  • Coordinated care of children with medical or emotional challenges
  • Resource parents who are well matched to the needs of the child
  • Ongoing training
  • Access to 24-hour case management support

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